Rogue Male: a Highland shifter romance by Ruby Fielding

Rogue Male: a Highland shifter romance by Ruby FieldingShe’d always known he was a bit of a rogue, but what if it was worse than that? So much worse…

Skye Parker wasn’t that girl. She never had been. The one who chases love. The one who puts romance ahead of everything else. The one who would travel the length of the country in response to a throwaway online comment and a whole lot of wishful thinking.

Until now.

Iain Logan is most definitely that boy. The wild one. ‘Trouble’ is not so much his middle name as something engraved on his heart. He’s a young man with secrets, too. Secrets that make him hold everything at a distance, even the girl who might just be the love of his life.

When Iain finds evidence that wolves are running wild near his Scottish Highlands home after an absence of close to three centuries it’s a chance to prove himself – if only he can get people to believe him. But as old friends rebuff him and the dark truth unfolds, Iain has some tough choices to make. Choices with life-changing consequences.

It would be madness for Skye to fall for him. Dangerous. But sometimes madness is the most sensible thing of all.

Rogue Male: a gripping paranormal romantic thriller from the author of Last Alpha.

[This novel features the same setting and some of the same characters as Last Alpha, but can be read as a standalone novel.]

Some reader review quotes for Rogue Male from Amazon and Goodreads

“Gripping from the start, Rogue Male has a good mix of romance, action, mystery, drama, suspense, secrets, some steamy sex, and an unexpected twist to throw you off.”

“Great storyline, mystery, action, drama, werewolves and spice what more could you want? It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I couldn’’t put it down.”

“What is happening in this sleepy Highland village? What has Iain gotten himself involved in? Can Skye and his old friends help him? A tense and exciting story!! Loved it!”

“If you like wolf shifters, mad rich scientists, hot steamy scenes this book is for you! Ms. Fielding has done a superb job in this one!”

Review quotes for Last Alpha:

“Awesome… Readers are in for steamy scenes, romance, action, drama, and enough suspense to keep them interested… over 300 pages of great storytelling.” Night Owl Reviews

Some reader review quotes for Last Alpha from Amazon and Goodreads:

“Full of suspense, a few thrills, a dash of romance and a wee bit of hot, steamy sex.”

“Wow! What a great werewolf shifter story! … a great book by a new favorite author.”

“One of the best shifter books I have read in a while.”

“What a fast moving and suspenseful love story!”

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It’s late, it’s dark out here, and she’s tired, but she has no excuses. No reason why she approaches this man who she now knows to be a stranger.

No possible reason to put herself at risk like this when every bone in her body is screaming at her to stop, turn, walk away. Run.

Anything but carry on slowly approaching.

He’s standing on the bridge, leaning on the stone wall as if staring down into the water.

Waiting for her.

Now, he straightens and turns.

She stops walking, and his eyes crawl over her features, taking in the floppy fabric rose in her hair, the leather jacket.

“You must be Skye,” he says. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

She can’t move.

“I believe you have something I want,” he adds.

Why are her feet so frozen to the spot?

Why can’t she just turn and walk away?

All she has to do is calm herself. Lift her feet. Walk.

She hears a sound, turns her head.

Sees yellow eyes staring at her from the darkness by the bridge wall, the narrow path that leads down to the water.

Hearing a sound from behind this time, she twists at the waist and peers back.

A dark-coated wolf stands there, lips drawn back across its teeth.

“I believe you have information about some mutual friends,” says the man, taking a step towards her. “I want to know where they are.”

Two more steps, so that now he looms over her.

“I want you to come with me, Miss Parker. I want to know all that you know about our friends. And then either I will go and find them, or they will come looking for you. I’ve yet to decide which of these two alternatives is more to my liking. What do you think?”

The wolf down in the shadows by the bridge has edged forward. Now she can see that its fur is a dark silvery-gray.

How many are there?

She glances back, and the dark wolf has edged closer. Much more and she’ll be able to feel its hot breath on her back.

The other wolf is up on the road now, its body held low to the ground.

And the dark wolf: closer still.

Involuntarily, she takes a step away from them.

She would never have believed that terror could be so intense. She feels sick with the fear.

She doesn’t even need to look. She can feel the wolves closing in.

Herding her like nightmare sheepdogs.

What’s the advice to kidnap victims? Leave evidence. If you’re in his car you should pull your hair and leave it behind. Rub your skin raw on the seat so there’s DNA left on the upholstery. Scratch him to get evidence lodged under your fingernails… for when they find your body.

She isn’t in his car, though. She’s still out in the street.

She should scream.

She knows that.

But she has no voice. No control.

She should drop her purse.

Pull that ridiculous big flower from her hair and make sure she leaves it behind – everyone would recognize that.


Anything but give herself up to this man…


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Dreamcaster – fantasy romance extract

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Just published, with the entire series of four stories available free on Kindle Unlimited: Dreamcaster, a Fantasy Romance


Maybe I’ve been watching too much Game of Thrones, but for my new four-part erotic romance serial I’ve turned to High Fantasy: a world of magic and dreams, of adventure and romance…

Dreamcaster (A Fantasy Romance), Part one by Ruby FieldingWith her home city occupied by brutal invaders, Marla is a young woman scraping to get by on the fringes. Struggling to keep a low profile, she has only tantalizing memories of a past that was very different. Memories and dreams… Who is the mysterious man who comes to her in those dreams, and why is Marla being hunted down?

A story of magic, mystery, romance and brutality in a war-torn fantasy world where love lies in tatters and one woman may hold the key.

**Dreamcaster is published in the short serial format, with each of the four instalments available free via Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Select**


She reached the last of the buildings, her breath ragged, her vision swimming.

She felt as if at any moment she might black out. This was not the time to lose her senses!

She shook her head from side to side, trying to shock some sense back into herself. The pull of the dream realm was powerful today, but she must keep her wits about her if she was not to fall into the hands of the raiders.

Another scream ripped through the air, so agonized she could not tell if it was from a man or a woman.

She sucked air into her lungs and peered out from behind the broken wall of the last tumbledown building.

The way was clear, the middens only a short distance across a stretch of open ground from where she hid. She raised herself to a crouching position, poised to make her break. One last look around and then she sprinted across the open space.

Immediately, she felt exposed. At any moment she expected the thunder of hooves, the shout of pursuers, the thud of a spear striking between her shoulder-blades.

But no. By some miracle, she kept going.

She reached the first steep incline of compacted waste, lost her footing and flew headlong into the mess. Rolling onto her side, she pushed herself back to her feet and scrambled up the slope. When she reached the top, she threw herself over the summit, took the landing on her arm and shoulder and then started to tumble down the far slope, now hidden from view from the village.

The middens formed an expanse of mounds, some as high as houses, like foot-hills to the city. Here, Marla could keep out of sight of the settlement and the raiders, steadily putting distance between her and them.

Finally, she dared to hope.


**Dreamcaster is published in the short serial format, with each of the four installments available free via Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Select**

Part one: Amazon USAmazon UK

Part two: Amazon USAmazon UK

Part three: Amazon USAmazon UK

Part four: Amazon USAmazon UK