Cover reveal: Dreamcaster, a Kindle Unlimited fantasy romance serial

Posted February 12th, 2015 by pj and filed in cover reveal, new releases

Currently publishing: Dreamcaster, my new fantasy romance serial, available free via Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

With her home city occupied by brutal invaders, Marla is a young woman scraping to get by on the fringes. Struggling to keep a low profile, she has only tantalizing memories of a past that was very different. Memories and dreams… Who is the mysterious man who comes to her in those dreams, and why is Marla being hunted down?

As she fights for survival and learns more about her past, Marla comes to understand that the most dangerous lies of all are the ones that come loaded with truth. Who should Marla believe? Malachi, the lover who has blanked areas of her memory and banished her for her own protection, or his brother Eli, leader of the invading army, and a man with dark powers that are only just being revealed? And if Malachi had blocked her memories, what else might be suppressed?

And underlying all of these questions, she must ask exactly who is she, and what might she become?

A story of magic, mystery, romance and brutality in a war-torn fantasy world where love lies in tatters and one woman may hold the key.

Dreamcaster (A Fantasy Romance), Part one  Dreamcaster (A Fantasy Romance), Part two
Dreamcaster (A Fantasy Romance), Part three  Dreamcaster (A Fantasy Romance), Part four

 **Dreamcaster is published in the short serial format, with each of the four installments available free via Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Select**

Part one: Amazon USAmazon UK

Part two: Amazon USAmazon UK

Part three: Amazon USAmazon UK

Part four: Amazon USAmazon UK