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He never wanted to fall in love. She never planned to let him.
Last Alpha: a Highland shifter romance by Ruby Fielding
Jenny Layne has made a career out of investigating werewolf reports, but every case has only confirmed that shapeshifters are the stuff of legend or madness. Until now. Lured to a remote Scottish estate to meet a researcher working on the science behind the werewolf phenomenon, Jenny finds steadily mounting evidence that something strange is running wild in the hills.

Billy Stewart has traveled the world in pursuit of stories of shapeshifters and other strange phenomena, but the last thing he ever expected to find was love. Billy is not a man who falls easily, but when he does, it is a force of nature. When he meets Jenny he knows immediately that she is his soulmate, but Jenny is not so sure. Are his intense feelings for her just some kind of insanity, or is Jenny turning him away because that’s exactly what she always does when a guy gets interested?

By turns passionate romance and gripping paranormal thriller, Last Alpha tells the story of two people whose paths collide with earth-shattering consequences. As love boils over and the dark secrets buried away in Jenny and Billy’s past rise to the surface, a night of murder raises the stakes yet higher.

And as she fights for her own survival, Jenny must face perhaps the biggest question of them all. In matters of life, death and love, can Beauty ever really hope to tame the Beast?


There was a moment.

A split-second, when it seemed he was towering over her, looking down. Those dark eyes smoldering. Soft lips parting. When his physical presence was suddenly a thing, and her breath snatched in her chest, and her heart thumped like a trapped animal.

She’d drunk too much. She would regret this, if this moment turned into a kiss. Even though it suddenly felt so right, she knew it was all wrong.

Did she start to turn away first? Avert her eyes, a slight turn of the head…

Or was it him?

That smile. Amused that she should even be in this position, all of a sudden, out of nowhere.

The moment passed. She didn’t know where it had come from, or where it had gone.

He stepped back, away from her, and then he was in the doorway, reaching for the handle. “I’ll be off,” he said. “I… If you still fancy that tour I’ll be around in the afternoon. Shall we say two?”

And then he was gone.


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