99c introductory price: The Touch (a paranormal erotic romance)

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 Introductory price of 99 cents for a few days only!

The Touch (a paranormal erotic romance) by Ruby FieldingWhat if you could make him love you forever?

It would be so easy for Ruth to make Saul hers. All it would need is a little magic, a touch of the Charm, and he would be hers for all time. But Ruth won’t do that: she wants him to love her for real. She wants that more than anything…

When Ruth first encounters Saul she knows that he is different. He is cultured, a man of the city; there is something special about him which draws her powerfully. But how could a man like Saul ever be interested in a country girl like Ruth, and how will he react when he learns of the magical Charms she employs? Could two so different ever belong together?

Refusing to use her own magical talent, Ruth sets out to win Saul on her own, but if she won’t use supernatural Charms and Enchantments just what can she do to make him hers? And will she even get the chance? She’s not the only one with magical powers, and it appears that others have plans for Ruth, too…

An explicit novella of magic and passion from the author of the Shifters’ World series, for an adult audience only.

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Almost all of my new books come out at an introductory price of 99 cents, or the rough equivalent around the world. This price is usually only available for a few days. Similarly, every so often some of my older titles will go on special offer, again, for a few days only.

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